Speculative Fiction

What if all physical touch was illegal?

The Seeker has grown up in a world where deliberate physical contact is a crime, and for most of her life, it hasn’t bothered her. But when some of her classmates are arrested for touching, she decides to try the most forbidden of things and touch another person. When she discovers the power of touching, and how it changes her and those around her, will the Seeker be content to return to a life without it?

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Praise for Touch


“I didn’t have any expectations, no idea what this was about, so going into this read I was quickly delighted by the concept as I connected the correlations. I feel this is going to make a very nice one act play. (Or Opera! What!) I have sat thru many not so great one-acts- {phew! to many to recall}- I cant wait to see this one day. The story leaves a lot of potential for creative vision of what this authors world would be like, but with a solid story line to follow. Two thumbs up.”


“Briana describes an amazing concept in such a short play. The concept of living in a society where touch is illegal and the people have never experienced touch before is incredibly unique and original. I am a fan of Briana’s work, as I’ve purchased and read her debut novel BLOOD AND WATER. TOUCH is yet another original success I hope other readers consider buying to support this young, amazing, talented indie author!”

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