About the Author

Briana Morgan (she/her) is a horror writer and playwright.

As of 2021, Briana is the author of several novels and plays, including The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories, Unboxed, and more. She’s a proud member of the Horror Writers Association and a book review columnist for the Wicked Library. When not writing, she enjoys gaming, watching movies, and reading.

Briana lives in Atlanta with her partner and two cats.

" Briana draws you into the story with the art of her descriptions of the characters and scenery, making you see, smell, and feel everything the characters are experiencing. She slowly builds the story and backstory in a way that piques your interest as she drops little tidbits here and there for you piece together before unveiling the tapestry that is this story. Her characters are deep and rich with various internal and external conflicts, amd satisfying arcs/development throughout the story."

- Tiana Parent, about my book LIVINGSTON GIRLS

" I am SO HERE for anything Briana writes in the future, and can’t wait to see where her creativity leads her next."

- Cassie Daley, about my book UNBOXED

" This strong collection of short stories from Briana Morgan showcases the breadth of the author’s skills as a writer, taking in various genres & tones & offering a few fun blasts of spookiness along the way. "

- degrineer, about my book THE TRICKER-TREATER AND OTHER STORIES