I offer several services to fit your needs. If you're unsure about what your manuscript requires, contact me! All edits are made using Track Changes, so you can approve/reject my proposed edits. I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and have a BA in English, with years of experience in publishing. My rates vary depending on your needs and what I can do for you. Contact me to get started.

  • Copyediting - Often done after any changes made during the developmental phase, copy editing looks at the language rather than the structure of the story. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are checked against CMOS, and any awkward or unclear wording is adjusted. I offer two levels: basic and heavy, depending on my evaluation of the work's needs. If you have a website rather than a book or project on paper, I also offer website copyediting services.

  • English Translation Cleanup - Authors who wish to publish their book in the U.S.A. or who are not native English speakers will benefit from this service. I go through your translation line by line, making sure every sentence uses correct American English and will appeal to a U.S. audience.

  • Developmental Editing - Developmental editing looks at the structure of the story. I will do an in-depth read and provide suggestions for how to strengthen your plot, characters, dialogue, tension, tone, and pacing. Areas that could benefit from changes are identified and discussed.

  • Manuscript Evaluation - By far my most popular service, an affordable way to check in and make sure your book is going where you want it to go. I will do a quick read and offer comments on any obvious issues, recommended steps before publishing, and the market potential.

  • Query Letter Critique - Preparing to send a manuscript to agents or publishers? I can help tweak your query letter so it not only best represents the appeal of your work, but also helps capture your audience's attention.


I backed myself into a corner with my first self-published book. I felt I overpromised my Kickstarter backers with a timeline I didn’t think I was going to be able to meet. I contacted Briana for her editing services as a desperate effort to find someone who would be willing to edit my book in a crunch. Not only did she agree to edit the book on short notice, she finished editing even sooner than I could have hoped. She was pleasant to work with, her suggestions helped more than I could have imagined, and I plan on going back to her for her services with all my releases.
— R. H. Swaney
Briana’s editing service has been invaluable in my writing. She provides insightful, thoughtful analysis and critiques of works, from early stage developmental editing through to copy edits and final tidy ups. I’ve shared many works with Briana for review and it’s clear that she takes the time to read and reflect on the story, understanding the emotive purpose and message in each. She’s also fast, fun and great to work with.
— Paul Alex Gray
Briana is the first freelance editor I’ve ever hired, and her feedback was everything I could have wanted and more. Her questions and comments helped me to think more deeply about my plot and characters than I had before, while being respectful and encouraging of my personal voice. Her feedback was organized, sensitive, and just what my story needed. I’m very grateful for her support and would gladly work with her again.
— Carly Racklin
I’ve worked with Briana twice now and she was a pleasure to work with both times. Her comments help me improve my drafts, make me smile, and are encouraging! I’ll definitely be back in the future.
— Sarina Langer