Category: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Summary: In the small, rural town of Aldale, West Virginia, Rama wants nothing more than to avoid dressing rooms for the rest of her life. After a brutal assault destroys her self-esteem, she yearns to be someone else—until multiple girls in town are found murdered. After stumbling across her beautiful classmate’s body and a terrifyingly familiar face in the murderer, Rama encounters shapeshifters who know more than they let on. Only by earning the shapeshifters’ trust and becoming one of them can Rama help serve justice. But first, she must learn to love herself and confront her painful past—and find the courage to investigate the violence.

Trigger warnings: Infertility, rape/sexual assault mentions, PTSD, panic attacks, violence, violence against women, murder, self-image/self-esteem, body dysmorphia, blood, vomit


“The writing style made Rama come to life on the page, all her feelings, fears and obstacles. Her characterization was strong and perfectly executed in a way that made the reader grow with the MC. It was like two stories in one. Not only was I taken on a journey of growth, but also of friendship and love. The magical elements thrown in made it even better. The self-love theme was prominent throughout and it made me fall more in love with this book. There are not enough books that deal with trauma and self-love in such a deep and understanding way, as well as in a relatable manner.”

“This was such a good book! It really grabbed my attention and kept me hooked. It is unlike any book I’ve ever read, which is saying something because I’m getting my MA in English literature and I’ve been a bookworm my entire life. If you like murder mysteries, fantasy, or coming-of-age books, you’ll like Reflections.”

Teaser chapters: