The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories


“The Tricker-Treater is gonna stop by your house tonight. You gotta meet with him and do what he says, or else.”

A woman agrees to take part in a creature’s sick game to save the child she loves. A girl and her mother move into a nightmare house. Two brothers embark on a high-seas treasure hunt.

In this haunting collection, Briana Morgan shares stories of love, loss, and horrors both real and imagined.

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Praise for The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories


TTAOS is a collection of short stories that range from spooky and bloody to heartbreaking and thought provoking. Each story had a little twist to them and most of them I didn’t see coming. I really enjoyed all the stories in one way or another and actually found myself literally saying, “Hell yeah!” because of one character’s realization about something made me proud….”


“Briana Morgan does it again. She’s one of those authors that has such an addicting writing style, that I will read the entire book in one sitting because I’m completely invested.””


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