Weekly Update (6/6 – 6/12)

Hi, my darlings! What a strange week this has been. Gabe and I officially got approved for our home loan, so now we’re running around sorting out utilities, packing, and getting everything ready for the move. WHEW. That’s pretty much taking up all of my time.

I’m also making serious headway on the coding front! I finished my first big project with Codecademy (after received a free three-month pro trial!), which involved creating a website to the specifications of a design brief, which I’d have to do as a freelance front-end developer. I enjoyed the project, and I didn’t have much trouble completing it, which made me feel pretty great.

On the editing front, I managed to pick up some clients for July, but June is still open! If you need eyes on back-cover copy, your manuscript, or a query letter this month, just give me a shout. 😉

Also, because a lot of people have been asking for this… I’ve added UNBOXED to my signed paperbacks form! Obviously, if you pledged to the Kickstarter, you’ll be getting one anyway, but otherwise, you can snag one via that form. They won’t ship out until the book releases, but feel free to save your spot! 🙂

I’ll be sharing my short story “The Tricker-Treater” with all my $5+ patrons toward the end of the month. I can’t wait for y’all to read it. I love you!

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