Weekly Update (5/9 – 5/15)

Time doesn’t seem real anymore. I missed last week’s update, but nothing happened. I promise.

This week, I’ve made some headway with my WIP. Although it’s not as much progress as I’d like, some progress is better than none. A trick I mentioned on Twitter that I also wanted to share with you is that, since college, I’ve challenged myself to just write one single sentence per day. Usually, by the time I write this sentence, I get into the flow and want to do more. But even on a bad day, I can write one sentence, and that’s progress.

Sharing just in case it helps someone else! I know it’s tough to be productive and creative right now, but I believe in you.

Here are some updates on my projects:

  • I’m teaching myself to code! I want to be a front-end web developer someday soon.
  • UNBOXED is all set for publication. I’m just waiting for the physical proof to arrive so I can scrutinize and alter it if I need to. I need to get my ass in gear and work on presale stuff. Stay tuned for all that.
  • I am so close to hitting 10K in #secretquerybook, which looks like it’s going to be 80K instead of 90K, but that’s all good. I love the voice in this book so much.
  • I’m drafting the LG sequel once I finish the first draft of #secretquerybook. More witches! More queer rep! Everyone get excited!

What are you working on right now? Feel free to share successes!

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