Weekly Update (4/4 – 4/10)

I don’t have too much to say this week. Like many of you, I’ve been struggling with cabin fever. Despite the myriad good reasons for physical distancing, it’s still difficult. I’m not saying I’m planning to break the self-imposed isolation anytime soon, but I am saying I wish I could.

Writing-wise, I spent most of this week planning my #secretquerybook. I’m keeping it a secret because I’m superstitious about this one. If I tell too many people, I’m afraid the spark will die. This is the first book in a long time I’ve thought about even while I’m not writing it. I take that as a good sign.

By summer 2021, I will have an agent.

Putting that energy out in the world.

A couple other updates:

  • I canceled and recreated the UNBOXED Kickstarter page. Previously, the goal was unattainable. After reevaluating my budget and formatting the play myself, I settled on a new goal of $500. If we surpass that, fantastic, but I’ll be happy just to hit that much. We’re almost halfway funded! If you want to help make my spooky play a reality, please consider backing it, even if only for $1.
  • Speaking of UNBOXED, I’m still looking for volunteers to help with the cover reveal. All you have to do is share the cover and provided information to social media. Once you fill out the Google form, I’ll send you everything you need. If you’re interested, please sign up ASAP! I’m closing this form on 4/12. Thanks for your support.
  • Not related to my writing, but I gave myself a quarantine cut! Check out my new hair here.

How are you doing right now?

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