Weekly Update (4/11-4/19)

Hey, folks! Thank you for your patience. Hope you’re all hanging in there. Worst-case scenario, you’re suffering from cabin fever. I can definitely relate! Beyond that, I wish you all happiness and health—as much as can be found in these bizarre times.

I thought this isolation would do wonders for my creativity, but that’s (mostly) not the case. I’m plowing through the administrative and publishing-related tasks for UNBOXED, but my new project has hit a snag. I’m struggling to actually sit down and do the work.

This week was weird for me, mentally speaking. I’m still adjusting to my new meds and had to deal with some weird withdrawal issues (they have since been resolved). It’s… expensive, getting what I need right now, and that’s incredibly frustrating.

So yeah, this week was strange. Still, here’s what all I accomplished:

  • Set up the UNBOXED cover reveal
  • Set up UNBOXED in Ingram Spark (preorders coming soon!)
  • Ordered a physical proof of UNBOXED
  • Wrote half a chapter of #secretquerybook

What did you accomplish this week?

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