Weekly Update (1/12 – 1/17)

This week was boring but it also flew by. How?

The most exciting thing that happened was that I created a street team! (Finally, right? What took me so long?) Sign up to help me promote my books past and future, as well as my platform. I especially recommend you sign up if you want to help promote Livingston Girls!

Here’s how the street team works: Each week, I come up with a task or mission for the street team to tackle. I’ll also announce a prize. At the end of the week, I’ll draw a winner from everyone who accomplished the mission. It’s that simple (and fun)!

I’ll also announce a SPECIAL prize to be given away at the end of the month. To be eligible for that giveaway, you have to complete EVERY mission. Totally tapping into people’s competitive and completionist tendencies with that one. 😉

After you finish reading this post, click the link to join my street team. I can’t wait to see you there!

Beyond making the street team, this week got derailed by my ADHD. Fun! I’m still not on medication, and learning to manage it myself has been… difficult. Still, I keep going. I’m not gonna let my broken brain stop me from kicking ass.

On the side-hustle front, I’m thrilled to say I snagged a gig as a freelance resume writer. It’s project-based pay and I can choose how many projects to tackle, but it’s semi-regular income. That’s such a nice change.

I’m also developing my Instagram for Writers service, so be on the lookout for that one!

Freelance editing is going well, and I adore it, but the length between project completions (and payments) kills me. I’m trying to only take on short-term projects with fast turnaround times to remedy this issue. I’m still accepting clients, but I have to be selective, especially with school starting soon.

Livingston Girls is still on track for its March 24, 2020 release. Preorder the ebook if you haven’t already, please! And, don’t forget to enter the presale giveaway. I promise physical preorders are coming soon! Thank you for your patience. TRUST ME, I am twice as eager as you are to see the finished product.

If you’re interested in learning more about the book, you should also read this post, where I lay out more reasons why you should read it.

This month’s short story is almost finished. I should have it uploaded before the 31st.

Thank you all for your support. It means the world to me. I love you!

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