• Sunshine Blogger Award

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    Hi hi hi, lovely people! Today’s post should be an interesting one. We’re changing things up a little bit. The bright and bubbly Lo-arna Green nominated me for this award! I haven’t done a tag in a while, and the questions looked great, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Thanks so much for tagging me in this one, Lou!

    The rules are as follows:

    • Answer the eleven questions from the blogger who nominated you.
    • Nominate up to eleven wonderful bloggers and write eleven (possibly fiendish) questions for them to answer.

    That’s it! Without further ado, here are the questions and answers.

    1. Have you ever gotten in to trouble with the law?
    Nah. I’m a little too boring for that nonsense.

    2. Can you wink successfully?
    Oh, yes.

    3. What is your mantra when you feel like throwing in the writing towel?
    Don’t get it right, get it written.

    4. What is something random about you that not many people know?
    I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. I’ve just never learned.

    5. What is the earliest memory you have?
    Sitting in a sandbox in North Carolina, shoveling sand into a baby bottle.

    6. What is your nickname?
    Bri, The Smoll, Mrs. Gatsby.

    7. What food do you love the most?
    Chipotle, probably.

    8. What food do you hate the most?
    Salad. Some vegetarian I am.

    9. Can you give a rundown of your writing process or do you like to change it up?
    My “process” usually involves a whole lot of caffeine and crying. Lately, I’m all about self-doubt. Technically, I think I’m a plotter, though I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it–you know what? Let’s just say I change it up. That’s so much easier.

    10. What is your favourite season?
    Autumn. No contest.

    11. Who is your favourite tv character, past or present and why?
    Rupert Giles from Buffy. He’s smart, handsome, loyal, and fiercely protective. Also, he’s kind of my dream man, okay?

    I’m half-asleep right now and about to go to bed, so I’m not tagging anyone. Feel free to answer these same questions on your own blog if you’d like! And if you do decide to answer them, go ahead and link me to your answers in the comments. 🙂

    Are you going to participate in the Sunshine Blogger tag? How would you answer some of these questions?

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