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Please, Don’t Be Afra..

Hello, this is Briana! I’m on vacation in West Virginia this week, so I’m publishing some wonderful guest posts. As soon as I’m back, we will return you to your […]

Posted June 24, 2016
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Guest Post: What Makes a Wr..

Today’s guest post comes from my dear friend Mariella Hunt! What makes a writer? Who decides? What do you think? Check out Mariella’s thoughts, and feel free to share your […]

Posted December 21, 2015
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When Should I Release My No..

Note: This advice is directed to authors who’ve finished editing their manuscript into something ready for release. How to know when that is would take another blog post, which I’m […]

Posted November 13, 2015
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Guest Post: My Top 5 Tips f..

Kristen Kieffer is the creative-writing coach behind She’s Novel, where she helps writers craft novels that will endear readers, excite publishers, and launch their writing careers. Her latest creation, The […]

Posted October 28, 2015
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