Sneak Preview: My Quarterly Goals

A while ago, I started tracking my quarterly goals and sharing them on my YouTube channel. Although I’ve been taking a break from YouTube, I’ll still been creating quarterly goals. I used to share more personal goals as well as writing-/business-related goals, but going forward, I’ll only be sharing goals related to my writing career and any marketing that goes along with it. I appreciate your understanding and support.

In the last quarter of 2019, all my goals revolved around finishing my draft of Livingston Girls, as well as adding chapters one, two, and three to my website as teasers. I also set up ebook preorders on Amazon US/UK, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, in addition to a presale giveaway. Friends, I knocked last quarter out of the park (a sports analogy on my author website? It’s more likely than you think).

Goal-wise, I consider a quarter “won” if I’ve reached at least half of my goals. In the following list, for example, if I check off six items, I will have won the first quarter of 2020—which I can totally handle, right?

I’m looking to kick ass all this year, too, but let’s focus on the short term for now. That said, here are my goals for this quarter of 2020:

  1. Publish Livingston Girls.
  2. Send Unboxed to beta readers.
  3. Edit Unboxed.
  4. Hit $100/month in Patreon support (please consider pledging if you can).
  5. Post 2-3 times per week on Patreon.
  6. Check my Discord server daily.
  7. Hit 8K followers on Twitter.
  8. Hit 7K followers on Instagram.
  9. Choose winners for my presale giveaway.
  10. Blog once per week.
  11. Outline Livingston Coven.
  12. Run my first booth in a dealer’s room at a con.

These might look like simple goals, and the list is short, but I’ll be tackling all this on top of design school and freelance work, so I could use a lot of encouragement, support, and generosity. If you think you can help me with any of these goals somehow, please let me know. I appreciate you!

What are your goals for 2020? If you do quarterly goals like me, feel free to share those, too!

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