Short story + craft notes progress update

Hi hi, lovelies!

I’m so excited to share this month’s short story and craft notes with you soon! They’re not ready yet, but here’s some info:

  • The short story is “The Tricker-Treater,” which some of you may remember me sharing snippets of. It’s horror with a little sci-fi/fantasy flair thrown in. I AM SO THRILLED.
  • In case this wasn’t made clear in the tiers, my patrons are the only people who will get to read this story. It’s exclusive, baby!
  • This story will also be included in the annual chapbook that goes out to all my top-tier patrons (the level with “Chapbook” in it). If you want a physical copy of the story, that’s the only way to get one!
  • After I’ve posted the story, I will share all the research notes, outlines, website links, and all that I used to help draft and edit it. Be on the lookout!

As this is the first month I’ve implemented this system, thank you all for your patience. I hope you’re as excited about these new developments as I am!

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