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What if you could become a witch?

When my parents shipped me off to an all-girls boarding school, I thought I was in for a boring junior year. The last thing I expected was discovering magic and a secret coven of witches.

Although I’d wanted to lie low at my new school, I couldn’t deny how tempting it was to join the witches.

As I got more involved in the coven, I discovered something else about myself: I had feelings for my roommate, another girl, for the first time in my life. Suddenly, learning magic didn’t seem so scary.

But nothing exists in a vacuum, and along with becoming a witch, I learned our coven must go up against a witch-hunter. Not only that, but he’s the headmaster of the boys’ school across town.

Now, I have to juggle my feelings for my roommate, my complicated new friendships, my status as a witch… and schoolwork. Maybe this year won’t be as boring as I thought.

If you’re a fan of books by Jen L. Grey, K.F. Breene, and Kelly St. Claire, you’re sure to love this urban fantasy.

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