Pandemic Truth: You Don’t Have to Be Productive

One of the hardest parts of social distancing is grappling with my drive to stay productive. As a perfectionist who loves self-imposed deadlines, isolation has been rough. I have more free time. I have fewer social obligations. I should be DOING MORE THINGS!

… right?

If you feel this way too, you’re not alone. If you’re beating yourself up about not being productive right now, here’s the thing: we are experiencing an unprecedented interruption of our daily lives. Nothing is normal right now. Nothing. And, if you deal with this disruption by playing video games or eating cookies or whatever—rather than working—that’s okay.

If you’re waiting for permission to chill, this is it.

I hope this helps somebody else as much as it helped me.

Love you all. Keep writing. The world still needs your stories.

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