Monday Goals and Weekly Update (8/3 – 8/10)

Hey hey, friends and fans! It’s another Tuesday on which I’m posting my Monday goals and weekly updates. I’m not planning to make this a thing. Next week, we’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming, come hell or high water

Here are the goals I accomplished last week:

  • Outline found footage book (I’ll be sharing the first 5K words with my Patreon supporters FYI)
  • Visit eye doctor
  • Take Mystee to the vet
  • Plan August Movie Night
  • Write and schedule review for Fully Booked

Hell yeah! That’s a lot of goals! Since I accomplished more than half, that means I “won” the week, but there is ONE I didn’t get to…

  • Complete manuscript critique for my client

I did start the manuscript critique, though, so that’s something. As it turns out, the found footage book took me a full week to plan. I’m really hoping using the Snowflake Method to get so many details hammered out upfront will speed up the drafting process. I can only assume that the more comfortable I get with this method, the faster I’ll get with it as well.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Snowflake Method, so look for a more in-depth post about it on my Instagram tomorrow. You can find the basics on Google, but I know sometimes it’s easier to grasp something when you’re learning about it from someone you know, so I’m hoping I can help.

With all that said, here’s what I want to get done this week:

  • Write first 5K of found footage book (and share to Patreon)
  • Send out newsletter announcing my books are now on Kindle Unlimited 
  • Go to the dentist
  • Complete manuscript critique
  • Beta-read a witch book for my friend

Looks like it’s going to be another busy week, but I’m looking forward to it! Also, in case you missed it, we’ll be watching 2004’s The Grudge for August’s Movie Night. Join us for all the spooky fun on Friday, August 20, at 8PM EST! For those of you in different time zones, I’m also playing with the idea of scheduling two different movie nights per month, with one earlier in the day (for me) to accommodate more people.

What are you working on this week?

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