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How I Create Characters Now

I’ve been wanting to share now I create characters now for a while. I’ve written several different posts about characterization before, but my methods have changed even since writing Blood […]

Posted February 9, 2016

Where to Find Character Nam..

Photo Credit: Benjamin Staudinger on Flickr One of the most difficult aspects of writing is coming up with character names. This process doesn’t seem like it would be tough, but […]

Posted February 4, 2015

The 4 “A”s of C..

Every writer understands the importance of creating believable characters. Story revolves around people–therefore, characters are arguably more important than plot. Whether you’re writing a novel, short story, memoir, or personal […]

Posted November 24, 2012

How to Develop Stronger Cha..

In contemporary fiction, one of the greatest tendencies of the budding novelist is to develop characters that are flatter than the state of Florida. One-dimensional characters create boredom, prevent your […]

Posted September 28, 2012