Touch: A One-Act Play

Genre: Drama

Summary: The Seeker has grown up in a world where deliberate physical contact is a crime, and for most of her life, it hasn’t bothered her. But when some of her classmates are arrested for touching, she decides to try the most forbidden of things and touch another person. When she discovers the power of touching, and how it changes her and those around her, will the Seeker be content to return to a life without it?

Trigger warnings: Sex, violence



“The concept itself, a world where people touching each other is illegal, was incredibly intriguing. The whole play gave me slight Fahrenheit 451 vibes, which had me hooked from the very beginning. I loved, and was impressed by, Morgan’s poignant take on the concept of being “touch starved” and would love to see Touch performed one day.”

“This was a great concept and very well-executed. I loved the idea, and the characters are fleshed out nicely for something so short. It was a good quick read that told a thought-provoking story.”