Blood and Water

Category: Young Adult
Genre: Horror

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Jay Harris lives in a world struck down by a deadly virus. His parents are dead, along with half the planet. When Jay’s sister Maia falls ill, he must find a cure before he loses her, too. But unbeknownst to Maia, Jay is also sick… and he’s running out of time to save them both.

Trigger warnings: Blood, vomit, violence, animal death, suicide, murder, grief, disease/virus, animal abandonment


“For me, this was a character story more than a plot story, so the book seemed to focus more on characters and their inner journey rather than external plot and conflict, though there was definitely enough of that to keep things interesting. I thought that worked really well. The protagonist, Jay, was particularly well-written. The relationships between him and other characters in the story were developed nicely. Since much of the story centers around those relationships, I appreciated that the author did such a great job with that aspect of Jay’s character. I easily identified with him and his emotional struggles throughout the story (and there were a lot of those), rejoicing in his triumphs and aching for his sadness and heartaches.”

Blood and Water is a dark story to be sure, but a very well written one. Believable characters, good story, and great pacing. Subplots are well developed as well, something that isn’t always the case. Blood and Water is worth your time and money, reading this book will make both very well spent.”

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