Avoiding Genre Fixation


Although most institutions of higher learning teach students to write literary fiction, there is no denying the appeal of genre fiction writing.

I used to write genre fiction all the time. Somewhere along the way, I felt trapped by the constraints and stopped writing myself into a corner. Sometimes I miss it.

What do I mean by constraints? When writing fiction for a particular genre, you might feel the need to alter your ideas to fit the mold. For example, if you have a historical fiction novel that you want to revise into a fantasy novel, you might want to add elves, dragons, or magic. As a result, your second draft would bear little to no resemblance to your first draft.

Where's the fun inĀ that?

I'm telling you to avoid genre fixation. Write what you want to write without worrying about genre. That way, you can write without fear of not quite fitting into the mold. Writing isn't just about following the rules.

At the end of the day, it's the story that counts.

How do you feel about genre fiction?

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