My Semi-Secret Struggle

Girl crying beside a river This post is one that I've wanted to write since I started this blog. Until today, I haven't had the courage to hit publish.

My name is Briana Morgan, and I suffer from depression.

I've been battling the blues since I was seventeen. As days of sadness turned into weeks and months and even years, I tried to wrap my mind around this new reality. When would I feel better? When would I be cured? Would the existential loneliness ever go away?

The short answer to these questions was never and no. I don't mean to say that my depression hasn't gotten better over time, or that I don't have good days, but one of the biggest misconceptions about depression is that it happens once and disappears. Like any chronic illness, depression can rear its ugly head at any time, without warning or explanation.

I've done a lot of things in the past few years that have forced me to step outside my comfort zone and test my personal limits. Studying abroad in London, graduating from college, moving to a new state, and living on my own are all experiences that have definitely changed me as a person. These adventures have made me a stronger, more well-balanced individual, but they haven't entirely cured me.

One of my favorite ways to cope with depression is through writing. I'm sure many other writers feel the same way, and Ksenia Anske even wrote a blog post about it. I also like watching movies, listening to music, and going for walks to take my mind off whatever I'm dealing with at the moment.

I'm going through a rough patch, but I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep fighting. I've come too far to back down now.

If you're suffering from depression, please know you're not alone. I'm writing this post to help break some of the stigma, and to make it clear that you can still be successful when you're feeling worthless. A lot of people seem to think I'm one of the most positive, productive people in the world, but that's not always the case. As long as I keep moving, I'll consider that success.

Have you ever struggled with depression? What are your tips for dealing with it?

In a raw, personal blog post, @brianawrites reveals her semi-secret struggle. What are you struggling with? (Click to tweet)