What's Happening with My Blog?

Lately, I've realized I've gotten good at spreading myself too thin. Part of the problem is that I put too much time into things that don't directly contribute to my goal of being a full-time author. For example, when I write, I only want to work on my books. I don't want to work on blog posts.


To make a long story short, I'm switching to YouTube. Instead of posting weekly blogs, I'll be posting weekly videos (every Friday, to be exact).

So, if you're not subscribed to my channel,make sure you do that now! Also, if you have ideas for future videos, feel free to share them with me.

And please don't think that me switching to vlogging means you'll hear from me less. If anything, you'll hear from me more, and the content will be more engaging.

Plus, not writing blog posts frees me up to write more fiction—which is the most important thing!

For now, my plan is to post new videos every Friday, as I mentioned earlier. Over time, I may increase my posting frequency, or I may change up what day I post, but you will definitely be hearing from me once a week.

Speaking of YouTube, I follow a lot of other great authors on there, including Jenna MoreciGabeMegan TennantKim Chance, and Mandi Lynn. Go check them out!

I'm thinking about doing some kind of giveaway when I hit 300 YouTube subscribers. What would you like the chance to win? It won't be anything like a tablet or computer, but anything along the lines of books, book swag, or gift cards (to buy more books with, obvs) is fair game.

Phew, that was a lot! Thanks for sticking with me, friends.