(Belated) Weekly Update

Hi friends! You should have all received PMs alerting you to Patreon tier changes. If not, I’ve changed the structure so that all pledges are either $1 or pay what you can. I had a hard time keeping up with Patreon rewards and never felt like I was giving anyone the attention they deserved. Also, I’m changing my strategy so that any money pledged here will not go to bills or anything, but will be used directly to fund my novels. So, if I’m writing a book you want to see in the world,  I’m going to need your help.

That said, thank you all for your constant support and encouragement. If you follow me on social media, you know I’m going through a difficult time. I’m trying to change that, but the going is slow. I’m most worried about how to publish LIVINGSTON GIRLS on my current budget, so… yeah, please keep me in your thoughts.

Anyway, I have an editor who is willing to look it over for free, which is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Now all I need to do is cover formatting costs, as well as prizes for the presale giveaway. Let me know if you have any idea!

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