How to Get Started

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Oh, hello there. I’m back to blogging. Did you miss me?

After quitting YouTube, I realized I still wanted a way to keep in touch, so I’m going back to blogging. I love sharing posts with you all and helping with your writing when I can. I love blogging because it reminds me that I’m part of a community.

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Blogging is weird. I assume it will take up so much of my time that I put it off, but once I actually do it, I’m surprised by how easy it is. When I switched to vlogging, it was because blogging took up too much of my time… but vlogging took up so much more. So… here I am, back to blogging again. The hardest part is getting started, and that includes getting started up again.

For so many other things in life, the hardest part is getting started. With writing, no matter how passionate you are about a project, it’s still tough to put your ass in the chair and start. If you’re diving into a brand-new project, that difficulty increases tenfold.

A long time ago, I shared one of my tips for getting started. Today I want to remind you that once you actually sit down and start writing, you’ll feel so much better. Along with setting a timer, set micro goals for yourself, or let yourself write shit that you can clean up later. That’s the strategy I most often use.

Sure, your first draft won’t be beautiful, but it’s not supposed to be. That’s what I tell myself even with blogging, because people are going to read this. But the thing is, once I get it down, it’s so much easier to cut, clean, and tweak the words to make them more presentable.

If you’re struggling while staring at the blank page, the hardest part is getting started. Once you do that, it’s all downhill.

What are your top tips for getting started? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. You’re totally right about just getting to it. Things seem like such a bigger task until you actually start!

    If I want to get started but can’t, I put all my thoughts down on paper (or text file) and just start organizing them. Lists of goals, priorities, and dependencies help too. By the time I’m figuring out my starting point, I’ve already started.