Follow the Little Voice

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Hi everyone, it’s Briana! I’ve had a hectic month, so today’s post is from Richard Moore, and it’s about doing the things that fuel your creative soul. I’ll have a brand-new post for you sometime next week!

When I was 14 I remember I would spend my lunchtimes rebuilding old PCs so I could try and sell them. I also programmed my own (rather average) operating system. I’m glad I followed what I was interested in, rather than what others suggested I should be doing. I was often called a geek but I remember it as such a fulfilling time.

Later, when I started selling, I spent money and time at weekends on courses and guidance to improve myself. Again, I got a weird reception on this and it was suggested I should just be chilling at home on the weekends rather than out learning. I thought about it but usually I just didn’t want to. So I didn’t.

Now, if I’m into something I dive deep into it and make that interest into something that can improve my world. There is belief that we should “do” a certain thing—something that fits in.

But if you let the voice within speak up a little, you often find there is great fulfillment in something completely different.

Whatever that is, run with it.

Richard Moore originally worked 60 hour weeks in the City of London, before deciding to build his own businesses and help others do the same.

After building companies from the trenches up, by taking ownership of sales teams, coaching leadership roles and consulting with multi-hundred million pound organisations, Richard created his own company to help others get massive traction as they launched their businesses.

As he did this, Richard invested in many of the companies he helped to create and shared with the world his views on business, through the weekly live Q&A‘s he runs online, to speaking gigs in front of business owners in his space and his weekly blog. Richard also created products such as the EightStepStartup course, the Basics of Sales course and direct mentoring of established businesses.

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2 responses to “Follow the Little Voice

  1. Ian Tyszka

    I have a great fondness of the "inner voice" and find myself having playful bantor with the things I want to do, compared to the things I’m supposed to do. This bantor has led me on an expedition in life, and I have acquired many tools and skills along the way. I have found I am the least happy when my inner voice isn’t guiding me towards improvement. It’s awesome to see that we can relate in such a way.

  2. Willi Wolf

    In the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how happy you are. You inner voice would never lie to you. Thanks for the post Richard. You have chosen a good author, Bri 🙂