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I’ve been on Wattpad for several years now, but I’ve only recently begun participating in the community and uploading my books. As of this post, I’m a self-published author, which means I retain the rights to my work. Therefore, I can distribute my novels however I see fit—I can even offer them to readers for free on Wattpad. If you haven’t heard of Wattpad, it’s one of the most popular mobile publishing platforms worldwide, and it’s making a big splash in the book-reading and -writing world.

Wattpad lets you read free, full-length books

Imagine a world in which anyone could write a book, upload it, and get instant feedback and engagement from mobile readers. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Recently, I listened to an episode of The Creative Penn podcast titled “Mobile, Multimedia, And An Audience Of Voracious Readers.” In it, professional author and speaker Joanna Penn interviews Ashleigh Gardner, head of partnerships on Wattpad, about the merits of the digital platform, as well as how it serves to boost authors’ sales and exposure. While I recommend you listen to the entire episode, one comment in particular stuck out to me:

You build your audience, you build your fan base and you’re able to sell them different things in different ways…we have launched something called Wattpad Futures. It’s not open to all users, it’s really targeted at the top 5% of writers on the platform. It lets them make money by people who are reading their stories. They have new premium ads that go into those stories that every time someone watches it, similar to YouTube’s model for their creators, that they’re getting paid for that usage. There are some authors that are making upwards of 10,000 in a certain, like within a quarter just based on that reading time.

Gardner also had this to say about the platform:

People are spending over 15 billion minutes reading every month so it’s a huge audience. (Tweet this)

That got me thinking: Why am I not doing more publishing on Wattpad?

How I’m Using Wattpad As an Author

With that said, I’m thrilled to announce that my latest novel, Reflections, is now available to read in full—for free—on Wattpad. I have my other novel, Blood and Water, available to read there as well. It’s the release/new edition, so if you read the first edition, definitely check this one out. (I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the changes I’ve made. You can also read Touch: A One-Act Play and my short story “Teacher’s Pet.” If you do read, please consider voting, sharing, and leaving a comment or review. All the works on my profile have been completed.

Many writers on Wattpad choose to publish chapters as they write them, but that causes too much anxiety for me. I’m not sure I’ll ever convert to that model. At any rate, I hope to use Wattpad more in the forseeable future. Follow me there, and stay tuned for more updates on my writing.

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