How to Stay Focused on Your WIP

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One of the hardest things about being a writer is keeping up the motivation to see a project through. With traditional publishing especially, it can take a long time to get a book out into the world. From first draft to second to third to querying and going on submission and more—it seems like the cycle will never end. It can be difficult to stay focused and encouraged through the process.

I’ve managed to find some techniques that have helped me stay focused while working on drafts and edits and diving into the querying process. Although these tips and tricks may not work for you, I recommend giving them a shot. Here’s what helps me keep an eye on the prize and keep my excitement level up when working on a project.

  • Pinterest boards. I’ve talked before about how much inspiration I get from Pinterest. When motivation wanes, a glance through my project’s Pinterest board reignites my excitement.
  • Playlists. This is another topic I’ve touched on before, but I cannot underestimate the power of music. When I start a project, I listen to the same playlist every time I dive into writing. I associate those songs with that project. Sometimes, all I have to do when I’m unmotivated is put that music on and then I’m ready to go.
  • Remember why you started. If you’re writing a book, especially to a specific market, you should have a reason why you’re writing it. For example, with Reflections, I wanted my MC to be a trauma survivor with body image issues. Rama shows the devastating effects assault can have, and how it doesn’t end someone’s life or make them “damaged goods.” I’ve already talked to some friends who say they need this book, and that encouragement helps. If I don’t finish this book, I’ll feel like I’m letting them down. Looking at the big picture is a huge help when trying to motivate yourself to reach the finish line.
  • Immerse yourself. Surround yourself with your WIP in any way you can. Right now, my desktop and phone wallpapers are all related to REFLECTIONS. I can’t escape it. I also have a pile of crystals on my desk that I see every time I sit down to write. If you’re living in your book, how can you not get writing done?
  • Take care of yourself. One of my goals for this year has been to go a little easier on myself. I have a terrible habit of working myself into the ground. Most of the time, my intense work ethic is a blessing, but it has driven me to burn out before. When working on a project, make sure to take breaks. Get plenty of sleep, fresh air, and water, and don’t feel guilty about taking days off if you need to. Never underestimate the importance of breaks. If you’re writing something that’s triggering, breaks are essential.

Publishing is an industry that requires grit, determination, persistence, and patience. Armed with these tips, you should be able to stay on track with your WIP, meet your deadlines, and get your book out in the world.

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  1. Christopher Mahan

    (The thing ate my comment earlier)


    Anyway, gonna write it again.

    I found that formatting the drafts for createspace and ordering a proof copy (about the same cost as printing on home printer) gets me past the "this will never be a book" phase. Because it’s in a book already sitting there on my kitchen table that just needs a few edits and better cover art.

    • Briana Morgan

      That’s a good idea! I might start doing that with drafts, the way Ksenia does (or used to). 🙂