TOUCH Act II, Scene 5

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TOUCH Act II, Scene 5

(Lights up on the SEEKER’s apartment. The DEALER and the SEEKER are sitting on the couch, staring straight ahead. They are holding hands. There is no one else in the apartment. The place has been ransacked.)

SEEKER: I should’ve known we’d be too late.

DEALER: Maybe she wasn’t taken in. Maybe she left of her own volition. She had no idea you were coming back here.

SEEKER: No, she was arrested. If she’d gone somewhere the enforcer’s body would still be here. He was unconscious when I left. She couldn’t have dragged him off; he was too heavy. Maybe he managed to call for backup or something.

DEALER: Or something. You know, I didn’t get to say goodbye to my mother, either.

SEEKER: You ran away from home?

DEALER: They took home away. A bunch of enforcers had bugged our house and heard me talking to my mother about hug dealing. I was out with some friends, came back late… everything was ashes. They burned the whole place down.

SEEKER: And your mother?

DEALER: I don’t know. I’ll never know what happened. She could still be alive. Maybe they took her to prison or she got away somehow. Maybe she served time and now she’s living somewhere far away where people still shake hands.

SEEKER: No one tracked you down?

DEALER: I don’t even think they tried to. Like I said, they’d put microphones in our house. They knew what I wanted to do. When I went out that night, we were at a bar in the middle of town. They could’ve gotten me then if they’d wanted to.

SEEKER: But they got your house instead.

DEALER: They wanted to scare me. I wish it had worked. (He kisses her hand. ) I’m worried about you. If something happens to us, they’re going to take you. They’ll do anything they can to get under my skin. Do you understand?

SEEKER: They’ll torture me, maybe kill me, just to hurt you?

DEALER: That’s right.

SEEKER: But why wouldn’t they just cart you off to prison or something?

DEALER: Human nature is so much darker than anything you can imagine. Before, when we had touch, people were able to keep some of their madness contained, but now… Prison’s not enough of a punishment for me. They know it hurts me more for them to hurt people I care about.

SEEKER: Do you think that’s why they wanted to take me in? To hurt my mother?

DEALER: Absolutely.

SEEKER: When they couldn’t get me, they got her anyway. It made no difference to them in the end. I wish I could’ve said goodbye at least. I wish I could’ve hugged her.

DEALER: I’m so sorry.

SEEKER: I’m sorry, too. (Pause) My whole childhood I felt so completely alone. So cold. I ached. I wanted someone to acknowledge me, and not just with their words. I felt invisible. I didn’t exist. That’s why I wanted to hug my mother. To make her feel seen. (Pause) Is touch so powerful?

DEALER: I don’t know.

SEEKER: Yes, you do. (She kisses him and then gets up from the couch to grab the vase from the table by the door. She holds the vase against her chest and looks at the DEALER.) Let’s get out of here already.

(The DEALER gets up from the couch and walks over to the SEEKER. He puts his arm around her and they exit together. Blackout.)



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