TOUCH Act II, Scene 3

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TOUCH Act II, Scene 3

(Lights up on the living room of the SEEKER’s apartment. The SEEKER and the ENFORCER enter through the front door. The CURED is nowhere to be seen.)

SEEKER: Really, you don’t have to stay. I’m fine now. I appreciate you walking me home, but I’m fine.

ENFORCER: I’d still like to have a word with your guardian, if you don’t mind. Lost or not, you were still out after curfew. What did you say your mother did for a living?

SEEKER: She’s a book editor.

ENFORCER: Tough job, I hear. Works long hours, doesn’t she?

SEEKER: If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather not make small talk. I’m very tired and I’d like to go to bed as soon as possible. (She sits down on the couch. The ENFORCER follows her, much to her chagrin.) Don’t you have rounds to make or something like that? I’d hate to keep you from your work.

ENFORCER: I’m on curfew enforcement duty tonight. I’m doing work right now.

SEEKER: Fantastic.

CURED: (Offstage) What are you doing back so late? It’s way past curfew.

ENFORCER: That your mother?

SEEKER: Yeah. She’s going to lecture me for sure. You better get out while you still have a chance.

ENFORCER: Hold on. Maybe she’ll feel better after I reassure her you were lost.

SEEKER: No, that isn’t necessary. When she’s angry, she doesn’t tend to listen to reason.

CURED: (Still offstage) You need to change into some dry clothes so you don’t catch a cold.

ENFORCER: She doesn’t sound angry.

SEEKER: You really should go. (The CURED walks into the room. She sees the ENFORCER and freezes in her tracks.)

ENFORCER: (Standing) You’re her mother?

CURED: Of course I am.

SEEKER: What’s going on?

CURED: This is… my parole officer.

ENFORCER: Your daughter was out past her curfew. Normally, I’d let her off with just a warning, but considering the fact that your family has a history of physical contact… (He glares at the CURED. ) I’m afraid I’ll have to detain her for a round of questioning. Standard protocol for this kind of sensitive situation.

CURED: You’re going to arrest her?

SEEKER: I haven’t done anything.

ENFORCER: Your mother’s done enough for both of you. (Taking out a pair of handcuffs) Hands behind your back. Don’t make this more difficult than it has to be. (The SEEKER does as she’s told. Before the ENFORCER can put the handcuffs on her, the CURED grabs a vase, rushes forward, and smacks the ENFORCER’s head. He drops.)

SEEKER: You hit him.

CURED: Get out. Go.

SEEKER: You’ll go to prison.

CURED: I know I will. (There is a long pause.) Please. I love you. (The SEEKER touches her mother’s arm and moves to embrace her, but she shakes her head.) Go now.

SEEKER: I love you, Mother. Thank you.

(The SEEKER exits. The CURED goes over to the couch, sits down, and puts the vase in her hands. Lights fade.)

To Be Continued…


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