Vlog: The Comparison Trap

Posted September 23, 2015 by Briana in vlogs / 2 Comments

How can you avoid comparing your work to others? Check out this vlog for some helpful hints!
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How do you avoid comparing your work to others’?

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2 responses to “Vlog: The Comparison Trap

  1. You know what’s weird? I never ever fall into this version of the Comparison Trap. I never compare my work to others and I never get discouraged by noting how luminous the prose of, say, Guy Gavriel Kay is compared to my own clunky wordifying. (See? Kay would never refer to “wordifying”, and yet here I am.) I do, however, fall into the Comparison Trap of holding my own level of success up against that of others, and that’s where I really DO get discouraged. This is often a major source of my various writing-related funks (in fact, as I write this I’m only just starting to pull out of one). I don’t really have a way of pulling myself out other than just waiting for things to shift in my head again. It does help, though, to get back into a project in a big way.
    (I do plan to pledge for your Patreon thing in a couple of weeks, once I have put out the financial tire fire that Christmas has unleashed upon my wallet! It was funny, I was ACTUALLY thinking at the start of this video, “Heavens, it’s so STABLE!” 🙂 Best wishes!)

    • I know how you feel, Kelly. I often fall into the same trap (hehe) as you do. In fact, now that I’m published, I think it’s even worse. I know it’s tough to get through, but you’re definitely not alone!

      (And thank you so much, dear! Whenever you get to it is fine. :))