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I know I never post on Saturdays, but I just couldn’t wait.
After much ado, I am thrilled beyond belief to reveal the cover for my YA post-apocalyptic novel, Blood and Water! I’ve decided to self-publish and am hoping to have the finished book out sometime in September.

Okay, now… here’s the cover!

Keep scrolling if you want to see it!






Isn’t it gorgeous???? I’m so in love it hurts my heart. My lovely friend and talented designer Taylor Carney created this masterpiece, and I am so thrilled with the way it turned out! Feel free to check out her portfolio here. 🙂

Here’s some information about the book itself:

“Jay needed so many things. He needed Maia to be well. He needed a cure for both of them. He needed the world to somehow start making sense again. Above everything, he needed someone to tell him why these terrible things were happening to him.”

Seventeen-year-old Jay Harris lives in a world struck down by a deadly virus. His parents are dead, along with half the planet. When Jay’s sister Maia falls ill, he must find a cure before he loses her, too. But unbeknownst to Maia, Jay is also sick… and he’s running out of time to save them both.


When Jay’s friends tell him there might be a cure for him in France, he must decide whether to pursue it. The journey will be difficult and dangerous, especially in his weakened state, but with little time left—for himself and for Maia—it soon becomes clear there’s no other choice.


Jay leaves the relative comfort of London to search for help, knowing he may never find it. Along the way, he experiences the effects of disaster on the bonds of friendship and fluctuating notions of family. These teens, decimated by a dangerous plague, face stark choices in their search for help, not knowing if their efforts will end in loss and pain.

Will Jay and Maia find a cure before the virus takes them?

THE BIGGEST THANK YOU IN THE WORLD to Taylor for this beautiful design and to everyone who’s helping me out with the reveal today! You guys are the best! Ahhh I’m so happy!

What do you think about the cover?

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13 responses to “Cover Reveal: BLOOD AND WATER

  1. JazzFeathers

    Let me tell you that is a fantastic cover. I really love it, the looks, the mood, the colours. Really really nice.

    I also like your blulr: shorst and sweet and very clear.
    This is a good job. I hope you’ll have a lot of succees 🙂

  2. Rae Oestreich

    *squees* It’s so pretty, Briana! And I’m so freaking proud of you for all of your hard work and determination. You’re an inspiration, truly <3

  3. Anna E Vera

    Congrats! This cover is BEAUTIFUL!
    Also, I am self-publishing my upper-YA post-apocalyptic novel in November! *high fives*