Vlog: 23 Things I’ve Learned About Writing

In honor of turning 23 recently (two weeks ago!), here are 23 things I’ve learned about writing. 


What are some things you’ve learned about writing?

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In this vlog, author @brianawrites shares 23 things she’s learned about writing. (Click to tweet)


  • Alyssa

    Happy birthday (again)! 😀 And oh my, I always thought vlog was pronounced vee-log, but … apparently not. EMBRACE REJECTION SO MUCH. I think even self-rejection is important for writing, otherwise we would be satisfied with our first drafts and that … would not be ideal. *shaky laugh and stares down at Camp NaNo beginning*

    Also, reward yourself. I find that preemptive rewards and consolation rewards go extremely well together.

    • Briana Morgan

      Yes, definitely! And rewards are so important – that’s why I usually mark the completion of a draft by treating myself. 🙂

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