The 777 Challenge

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London Tower Bridge
I was tagged by friend and fellow writer Brett Michael Orr to participate in The 777 Challenge. Following protocol, I’m sharing seven lines from the seventh page of my current WIP, Blood and Water. (Hopefully, I’m finished with the first draft of it soon – my self-imposed deadline is my birthday on the 17, which is next week!)

Without further ado, here’s the excerpt:

Jay had spent the past few weeks looking for a cure. It was like Maia said—there was no help in London. He wondered if they would’ve been safer if they’d stayed in Chicago. Location didn’t matter now, but before the virus started—no, he couldn’t spend time dwelling on the “what if”s. It was Maia’s decision to move to London and his to follow after her. The virus was everywhere, and it had spread fast. Perhaps they never would have been able to avoid it.

Now, I’m supposed to tag seven other writers to take on the challenge. Since I’m writing this blog post on a break, I don’t have much time. If you want to participate, please go ahead! And feel free to leave links to your seven lines in the comments below. 🙂

What do you think of The 777 Challenge? Are you going to participate?

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8 responses to “The 777 Challenge

  1. JazzFeathers

    I love reading excerpts from novel. This one is very intriguing. Depicts a situation very strongly.Hey, it can even be your blurb! 😉

  2. Brett Michael Orr

    OOOOH! Thanks so much for taking the tag on! I’m SO excited to read this novel, I can’t wait! Such an awesome little teaser!