BLOOD AND WATER Draft 1, Chapter 14 (Excerpt)

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Maia was the one who came in to wake him. He was surprised to find he’d been sleeping in Fleur’s bed. How had he gotten from the bath to the bed? He didn’t remember anything beyond Fleur pouring freezing water on him.

“Dr. Devereaux wants to increase the dosage,” Maia said as she opened the blinds. Sunlight poured in. Was it the same day as it had been or already the next? “She thinks your body is more responsive, which means I could see side effects soon if we don’t make a change.”

“You mean, you’ll get sick again like I did,” he said.

“We’re both still sick.”

“I know. But you know what I mean.”

Maia chewed the inside of her cheek, the way she did whenever she had something on her mind. It had always been Jay’s way of knowing when something was wrong, and he had learned to pay attention to it.

He sat up against the pillows. “What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure I want to tell you.”

“Maia, that’s not fair. Now you have to tell me.”

A muscle jerked in her jaw. “It’s about Sean.”

“Okay, what about Sean?”

“He doesn’t want Melanie around you anymore.”

Jay felt his stomach drop into his feet. He slumped against the pillows and let his head loll back. So that was it, then—Melanie had finally explained to Sean what was going on. The timing was terrible, but then again, he knew it had to happen sometime. They couldn’t have kept it a secret forever.

“I’m sorry,” Maia said. “I know this must be hard.”

It was so much more than that, but what had he expected? It wasn’t as though they could run off in the middle of the night and elope. There were still people alive who would ask questions and worry if they disappeared.

“I’ll be okay,” Jay said.

To be continued… Look for the completed draft of BLOOD AND WATER coming soon!

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