How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Blog

Posted April 20, 2015 by Briana in blogging / 7 Comments

I never used to pay much attention to Pinterest. Sure, I pinned a few things here and there—recipes,  hairstyles, and such—but that was about it. I gave little thought to the network when drafting blog posts and creating images to go along with them.

Then, I learned a few things about Pinterest that changed my perspective on it:

  • It boasts an impressive 70 million users at publish date
  • In the U.S., 30% of all social media users utilize Pinterest
  • Total users in the United States is expected to reach 47.1 million in 2015
  • 85% of its users are female, with a rapidly growing male population
  • The number of people who see your pins is greater than your number of followers
  • It is the top network referral source for most bloggers, ranking higher than Facebook and Twitter combined

With these stats in mind, I decided to learn how to promote my blog using Pinterest. Now, it’s become my top source for traffic—yes, it surpasses even Twitter! If you want to replicate my social success, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • You need to create pinnable image. You should have at least one image per blog post, created with Pinterest optimization in mind. Choose high-quality photos and text (pins with text get more engagement than those without), and make sure your image is at least 400 pixels wide. Also, remember that vertical images perform better on Pinterest. If you want free tools to help you create images, I recommend Canva (what I use), iPiccy, and Picmonkey.
  • Be active on Pinterest. If you want to get traffic from Pinterest, you need to participate. Make several different boards, including one for your blog or niche. Follow people and spend a set amount of time each week repinning other people’s stuff, as well as your own. You won’t get much out of the network if you don’t engage.
  • Make it easy for people to pin your content. In addition to ensuring each post has a pinnable image, you should include social media links and/or a Pin It button. That way, people can add your stuff to Pinterest without hassle, even if they don’t have the Pinterest bookmarklet.

Like any other social media network, Pinterest takes some time to get used to. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all this information, focus on spending a few minutes each day learning the network. Once you start using it to promote your blog posts, you won’t believe what a difference it makes. Whatever you do, try not to get addicted!

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me and I would love to follow back! We can even repin each other’s blog posts. 🙂

What do you think of Pinterest? How do you promote your blog posts?

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7 responses to “How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Blog

  1. Grae500

    Technically have something on pintrest, but never look at it. I think it even has the old cover of Perception on it. I guess I should look again…LOL

  2. Most of my traffic comes from pinterest, which isn’t saying much since I don’t have much traffic to begin with lol. I’ve been getting around 100-200 views. How long did it take you to grow your traffic?

    • Briana Morgan

      As soon as I changed my images, I started seeing results. That, combined with the new website and my connection with the Her Campus Blogger Network, made a massive difference.

  3. I’ve been aware of the great benefits of Pinterest but haven’t fully caught on to it. Mainly I just use it to pin images of tiny houses and home offices right now, haha. Although it is a leading platform now.
    Slightly off topic, but have you had any experience using Ello? I’m wondering how people have started to utilize that.

    • Briana Morgan

      I want to do more on Ello, to be honest. Ksenia Anske is on it all the time, and she loves that. Maybe I’ll check it out again and report back at some point. 🙂

  4. […] Use images in your posts. They don’t have to be featured images or anything fancy. If I like a post enough, I’ll use whatever image I can to save it to my boards on Pinterest. An easy way to use images is to look for Creative Commons images on Flickr. That’s where most of my featured images come from. If you want to learn some more specifics about types of images that work well, check out this great post by Briana Mae Morgan. […]