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Path to Publishing is a new blog series in which I interview published authors. It’s a great way for them to get free exposure as well as help other writers who are trying to get published. This week, I’m featuring children’s fantasy writer Z.R. Southcombe.

What’s your name? What do you write?

Z.R. Southcombe. I write children’s fantasy.

When did you decide that you wanted to be a writer?

At the start of 2013.

What books have most shaped your writing and why?

Roald Dahl – what I grew up on and made me want to be a children’s author. Also, he has a way of writing for children without being condescending, which I really respect.

Lemony Snickett – his dry humour and his use of ‘big words’, as well as darker themes, remind me that children’s books don’t have to be wrapped in cotton wool.

CS Lewis & Hilda Lewis (no relation that I know of!) – the depth language and old-school fantasy. Anything is possible 🙂

What’s one book you can reread without getting tired of it?

Only one?? I’m going to cheat and go for a series – The Chronicles of Narnia (which I happen to be re-reading right now!)

How do you feel about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing?

It’s fun. That is all.

What’s your writing routine like? What about your process?

All over the place! I work my day job from 3pm ish in the afternoon. Currently my routine is either morning pages or a walk, then dayjob stuff for a half hour or so, and then I have a good 4 hours for writing.

I have decided to keep this open, depending on what’s going on. Right now, I’m spending a good chunk of that time on pre-launch activities for my first chapter book release. When I’m in the middle of a draft, I usually spend an hour or two drafting, and the rest editing or re-plotting.

How did you get published?


What’s the best advice you have for writers looking to get published?

Surround yourself with awesome people.

What’s a common misconception about publishing that needs to be addressed?

That getting published is the goal – it’s the marketing afterwards that really makes a difference.

Where can people find your books? What about your blog or social media accounts?

My website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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