Top 5 Apps for Readers and Writers

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I couldn’t live without my iPhone.

I feel terrible saying that, but I suspect many of you reading this are in the same boat. I use my phone for almost everything. It wakes me up in the morning, reminds me to take my medicine, and allows me to dictate blog posts while driving to work. Technology is incredible.

My favorite thing about smartphones has to be the apps. There really is an app for whatever you can think of. Even bookworms can benefit from using smartphone apps! Don’t believe me? Check out this list of smartphone apps best-suited for readers and writers.

  1. Goodreads. This social network deserves more praise. Once you create an account, you can announce your reading progress, get custom book recommendations, leave reviews, and so much more. If you join, feel free to send me a friend request!
  2. Kindle, Nook, or other ereader app. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, but this app is great when I don’t have it with me. You can sync books you’ve purchased and download them to your device. It’s fantastic.
  3. Dragon Dictation. Not too long ago, I wrote a post about how Dragon Dictation can help you write. It’s no secret that I love this app. You can write on-the-go, which is great for busy people. Also, it’s free! (Then again, so is everything else on this list.)
  4. Evernote. A lot of writers and bloggers swear by Evernote. I don’t use it much anymore, but it allows to create and sync notes and lists across different platforms. You can use it to keep track of novel ideas, books you want to read, and recipes you hope to try out someday.
  5. iThesaurus. When I’m editing, I often find the same word used over and over again. That’s where this app comes in. All you do is enter a word, and the app gives you several similar words meaning the same thing. How cool is that?
After reading this post, I hope you feel inspired to rush over to the app store. Although this post was written from an iOS standpoint, most of these apps can also be found for Android and Windows phones.
What do you think of these apps? What others would you recommend?

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6 responses to “Top 5 Apps for Readers and Writers

  1. I don’t have an iPhone, but I use my iPod touch for almost everything! One of my favorite apps for writers is A Novel Idea. It’s free and great for jotting down story seeds and plot ideas on the go.
    ~Sarah Faulkner


  2. I’m sort of proud of my status as one of the, like, seven people in the country who don’t currently own a smartphone, but when I see apps like these, it definitely sparks dangerous thoughts about abandoning my poor little LG tracfone and joining the rest of the world in their technological overkill.

    • I can definitely see the benefits of not having one, but I can’t imagine… and yes, these apps are pretty cool. If you ever get a smartphone, I have plenty of other app recommendations for you. 😉