Easy Ways to Support Your Favorite Writers

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With the arrival of the new year, one of your resolutions might have something to do with giving back to the community. If you’re a writer and you enjoy supporting other writers, this year, you should think about doing more to support them.

Some writers, like J.K. Rowling and Steven King, make more than enough money to support themselves. The vast majority of writers, however, aren’t able to quit their day jobs to pursue their craft.

  • Share their blog posts. This is the easiest and most often overlooked way to support your favorite writers. If they’ve written a post that speaks to you, share it with the world. I love using Buffer to schedule posts by my favorite bloggers. Every morning, I add a few articles to my queue and let Buffer do the rest. There’s even a nifty Buffer Chrome extension! Give it a try and spread the love.
  • Promote their work. I have a lot of book reviews on this blog. Do you know why? Part of the reason is that I like to read. Mainly, it’s so that other readers can get interested in the authors’ work. I want to share their work with as many people as I can and get them more exposure. Whether it’s through a book review, a tweet, or verbal praise, if you love a writer’s work, you should promote it somehow.
  • Send them a message. Even if you don’t have much to say, you never know how much a few kind words might mean to someone. If you don’t feel comfortable writing a lengthy email, mention them on Twitter and let them know you love their stuff.
  • Donate, if you can. Many up-and-coming writers have donate links on their websites that allow you to give them money if you want to help them fund their craft ( I even have one!). If you’ve got a few extra pennies jangling around in your pockets, consider making a contribution. Of course, you can also purchase their books to get the best value for your investment. 🙂
When it comes to supporting other writers, it’s easier than you think to make a difference. If you love someone’s work, find a way to let them know. You could make their day.
How do you enjoy supporting other writers?

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7 responses to “Easy Ways to Support Your Favorite Writers

  1. Great post. I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to read what I write; if they comment that’s a plus, and if they share it I’m over the moon. Thanks for the suggestions.

    • Same here! I make an effort to share as many posts as I can. It only takes a few seconds, and I know how much it means to writers. It always means a lot to me. 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful post! Supporting authors is near and dear to my heart. Another tip is this: If the author has their ebook available for free on Amazon, download it. Even if you already have the hard copy. It boosts their numbers, which them makes them more visible to searches on Amazon and Google.
    ~Sarah Faulkner