Cherie Bond: Crossfit Queen

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I met Cherie in one of my college classes and totally loved her style. She’s bubbly, friendly, and one of the coolest people I know. I got to know her a little better through my involvement with the Wesley Foundation and grew to love her even more. Her passion for God and fitness shines through everything she does. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. 

Check out this interview with a blogger who loves Jesus, fitness, and shopping at TJ Maxx - among other things!

Fitness means a lot to you. How did you get involved with it?

Throughout high school, athletics and my personal health were the last things on my mind – McDonalds $1 sweet tea, that was always on my mind. At the beginning of my freshman year of college I felt like it was time to take control of my health. It all started with a classic start-up of power walking with a close friend. Before long, walking turned to running and running turned into weightlifting. While it sounds oh so simple in writing, it was possibly the hardest thing I ever took on. Now, it’s strange to look back and think about the days when fitness and honoring my body wasn’t apart of my life. (Read more about Cherie’s fitness journey here.)

When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

Mundane but mandatory: I finally learned how to use a scanner. Yikes.

You’re open about your religious beliefs on your blog. What are some misconceptions about Christians that drive you up the wall?

This will catch a lot of buzz, but I’m going to flip that question. I think there are more misconceptions about non-believers that Christians tend to believe #1 they don’t have the capability of kindness – false, Jesus is in them and more often than not their kindness is more genuine than that of a Christian, it’s our job to accept them and love them and pray that they too see Jesus in them #2 all non-Christians hate Christians – definitely false. I think Christians often give off the feeling that they aren’t liked and we like to be all secluded like it’s some big club. Ugh, hate that. Frankly, I think the misconceptions about Christians will stop when Christians stop believing misconceptions about others – now that, that drives me up the wall. (Read more about Cherie’s faith here.)

How do you stay motivated?

Jesus. Always Jesus. A lot of coffee, Pinterest, and constant encouragement by my family, friends, and coaches.

What would you say to people who are intimidated by cross fit?

“Your dreams aren’t big enough unless they scare you”. Use that feeling of intimidation to walk into a CrossFit box and believe that no matter who you are – weak or strong, you are capable and equipped. (Read Cherie’s post on conquering fear here.)

"[The blog] has changed because I have changed. That's something to be thankful for." - Cherie Bond

What are three of your guilty pleasures?

Dark chocolate perfectly paired with a glass of pinot noir, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (yeah, I went there), weekly visits to TJMaxx – I’m a maxinista through and through.

How has your blog evolved over time? Why do you think it’s changed?

Whoa, so recently I went through a rebranding phase. I realized that after a year of blogging (happy 1 year WoW!) I no longer wanted my blog to just be about fitness. There’s so many more components to life that make up healthy living. I realized that I had more to say than just another paleo pancake recipe, but rather a multitude of topics that could inspire and uplift in more practical ways.To add to that I realized that the graphics were also a little low-key and it was important to me to include more professional graphics and even my own hand lettering! It’s changed because I have changed – that’s something to be thankful for. (Read more about Cherie’s hand lettering here.)

What’s your writing/blogging routine like?

On Sundays I sit down and jot down about 3-5 ideas that are potential topics for the week. Then, I’ll settle down at a local Starbucks with an americano (2 stevia, light soy please) and write my little heart out. If I hit a wall, I’ll explore pinterest or change up my music and then I keep going. Some weeks include inviting guest bloggers and even taking days off.

How do you come up with post ideas?

I’m inspired by so many things: readers of WoW, small talk with friends, the news, music. Gosh, you name it it’s probably inspired me in some way.

How far into the future do you see yourself still blogging?

I was literally contemplating this the other day. Waiting on Wildflowers has just now really taken on a whole new meaning to me. To see it making an impact and ultimately glorifying God encourages me to keep going and finally be brave about my writing. God willing and computer able, I hope to blog for quite some time. Not to mention, before long I’m sure I will have plenty of newlywed stories and topics to chat about!

Want to keep up with Cherie? Check out her blog, Waiting on Wildflowers, and follow her on Pinterest.

Have you ever tried crossfit? How is your relationship with health and fitness?

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