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Beautiful Summer Sunset

I saw a post like this one on Meet Me At Mike’s and wanted to try it out right away. I think it’s an interesting and creative way to let everyone know what I’ve been up to lately. My plan right now is to make this a weekly feature, so hopefully you all enjoy it!

This past week has been crazy. I started a part-time retail job (my first retail job) and I am EXHAUSTED. Seriously, how do people do that for a living? Also I’ve developed a new-found appreciation for cashiers. You don’t realize how hard that work can be. Trust me.

I’ve been busy working on my novel revision, too. I can’t believe how well it’s turning out (but more about that next Wednesday!). Tentative release date is somewhere close to Christmas. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

Everything’s coming up Briana.

Writing : MUD EYES (revision)
Listening : To the sound of silence (no, not the song)
Drinking : Cold coffee and wishing I’d reheated it before coming upstairs
Reading: After Dark by Haruki Murakami
Wanting: A full-time job writing, blogging, or editing
Looking: At potential cover designs
Playing: Fruit Splash Mania
Deciding: Whether or not it’s time to get dressed
Wishing: I could stay home and write all day
Enjoying: The feeling of accomplishment
Waiting: For a good night’s sleep
Liking: The way my name sounds
Wondering: Why some people take pride in not reading
Loving: Early psychology experiments (SO fascinating!)
Pondering: How the word literally is used so incorrectly
Considering: What other words will come to have different meanings during my lifetime
Watching: Masters of Sex, Hell on Wheels, Doctor Who
Hoping: To get everything I need for my Dragon Con cosplays
Marvelling: At how wonderful my internet friends are
Needing: Encouragement and lots of it
Smelling: Watermelon candy (Dad made some earlier)
Wearing: A towel
Following: My own path
Noticing: The best parts of myself
Knowing: That I am more than the worst thing that happened to me
Thinking: My cat is prettier than I am
Feeling: Groggy yet optimistic
Admiring: My new desk
Sorting: Through plot lines that need to be rewritten
Buying: New shoes (God willing)
Getting: Excited about the future
Bookmarking: All the cheese-related recipes on Pinterest
Disliking: The radio station that plays in Office Max
Opening: Up a little more each day
Giggling: Because I hung my bra outside to dry
Feeling: Thankful, blessed, and incredibly lucky

What do you think of this feature? Do you want to take stock, too?

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