Guest Post from Danielle McAnn: The Power of the Pen

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power of pen

Or these days it would probably be a typewriter more accurately. Nonetheless, it has the same amount of power. We are all taught to read and write properly as children, in order to be able to communicate with each other better. Here’s why it’s worthwhile improving your writing skills. Writing is communication, and the better we can communicate, the better our friendships and relationships are. Writing is also entertainment, and to be able to entertain (through a play, a novel, a letter, a poem), is a powerful thing. Writing is also persuasion, and the better we can persuade, the more we can influence our lives and surroundings. Moreover, you will never have a job in which you don’t need to read or write even a little, so the better your literacy skills are, the more employable you will be. All of the very most accomplished people in the world (think Barack Obama and Oprah) are also people with great literacy, and excellent reading and writing skills.

Secondly, here’s how. Training companies like GAPS writing offer courses in writing and effective communication, and how to improve your writing skills. Here’s something a little more basic; you improve your writing skills by reading. All great writers read variously and prolifically. Language isn’t something you invent on your own, it’s a system that you adapt to your purposes. The better you understand it, the better you’ll be able to use it.

Danielle McAnn is a copywriter working with GAPS. A team composed of professional writers boasting considerable skill and experience in the media, government, commercial and human resources industries. We help business and organisations take their written communication to the next level by delivering clear and powerful content and making a significant difference in the perception and clarity of key messages. When Danielle’s not writing content she enjoys swimming, shopping and taking her dogs for a walk.

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