Day Thirty: Finality

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I only have one more day in this fascinating city. It’s bittersweet, really—more bitter than sweet. Don’t get me wrong—I am looking forward to going home. I miss my family, my pets, my friends, and my bed. But I have seriously had the time of my life over here. I’m a different person than I was at the start of this trip, and that’s a good thing.

Yesterday, I took my final exams. In film studies, we had to write an essay featuring each of the ten film movements we studied in class, all while relating them to the way in which they feature urban space. It was an open notebook test. I was grateful for my neat handwriting. On the whole, I think I did well, though I know for a fact that I mixed up two of the movements.

Before the exam, we took surveys about our study abroad experience. The first survey was, of course, a class and instructor evaluation. I popped that one out in no time. Next, we had to answer some questions about the program itself. That, too, was easy.

Then came part two of the self-efficacy questionnaire. I failed to mention that I filled one of those out in the airport before leaving the States. Basically, there were a bunch of questions that we had to answer about ourselves, such as, “Are you an active person?” and “Do you feel comfortable navigating transportation systems in a foreign country?” The answers I gave yesterday were much different from the ones I gave at the start of the trip. Like I said, that’s a good thing. I’ve become a better person. 

In my world civilization class, we took another instructor and class evaluation. It wasn’t bad. We took the exam, which I had studied for. I ended up making a 97. I’m pretty certain that I made As in both of my classes over here, which is moderately surprising but not that exciting. 

Anyway, today it’s cold and rainy. London seems to be trying to convince us to stay. It doesn’t need to change for that. I’m already convinced.

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3 responses to “Day Thirty: Finality

  1. I can’t believe your trip is already over! I am going to be studying abroad in London next semester, and following your blog has made me realize how fast time is going to fly!! I hope I can take advantage of as much as possible. Glad you loved it, though 🙂 .