Day Twenty-Six: The War

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My final class field trip took place today. Additionally, I realized that I have less than a week left in this fantastic country. I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I want nothing more than to go back home. I miss home-cooked meals, sleeping in my own bed, and so many other things.  At the same time, I am more in love with London than I’ve ever been with any other city, including New York, It’s everything that I hoped it would be and so much more. Every day is better than the last (for the most part). I wish I could stay here a little bit longer.

I digress.

I went down to the front steps of Astor at 8:45 this morning to meet my world civilization class. Unfortunately, they were not there. I was an hour early. I went back upstairs.

At 9:45, I actually met up with my professor and classmates on the front steps of the college. We walked to the British Library to see an exhibit on propaganda. Since I love Nineteen Eighty-Four, it should come as no surprise that I enjoyed the exhibit. The only thing I didn’t like was being unable to take pictures. Some of the advertisements were definitely shocking. I wish I could share them. Here’s an example:


As you can imagine, there was plenty of propaganda-related memorabilia in the library’s store. I purchased the most recent Penguin Classics edition of Nineteen Eighty-Four. The title and author are completely censored by black barsI thought it was fitting.


After visiting the library, we broke for lunch. Zelda, Colleen, and I went across the street to Pizza Express. We shared the dough knots dipped in garlic butter. I also had pizza. Everything was delicious. I’m still not sure who told me that the food in England was awful. It must’ve been someone who’s never actually eaten anything here before.

When lunch was over, we took the Tube to Westminster. St. James Park was close to the Tube station. We wandered through there on our way to the Churchill War Rooms Museum. The scenery was lovely. London has given me a newfound appreciation for parks. I totally understand why people want to sit outside now. The weather was so nice today. I could’ve spent the whole afternoon under a tree.


The Churchill War Rooms were spectacular. I’d heard nothing but good things about them before my trip, and I was not disappointed. I love Winston Churchill, and the wartime proceedings are fascinating to me. The War Rooms were set up just as they had been during World War II. Everything was still in remarkable condition. I took too many pictures. I’ll only post a few here.




Somehow, though, Zelda and I managed to skip an entire room. We missed the Winston Churchill Museum. We only went through the War Rooms. I don’t know what happened. At least we made it to the exit.

After the field trip, Zelda and I hung out in my room and tried to get some homework done. We didn’t get very far. It was nice to hang out. Then I went to dinner with Ashley, Heather, Jim, and Jordan. We ate somewhere on Tottenham Court Road. It was awesome. We had dessert at Haagen Daz. Oh, man. What a day.

Now we’re all hanging out in my room. Colleen and Raneem are in here, laughing and being loud and it’s hilarious. They’ve had a great night so far. It’s all very entertaining. Those girls are wonderful. Oh my gosh.

I don’t want to leave London. I want to stay here forever. I am so torn. Anyway, I need to go to bed. We’re going to M&M World tomorrow. I cannot wait.

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