Day Seventeen: Back on the Northern

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My classes met again today. Neither one was extraordinary, though once again, I did enjoy them. Especially my film studies class.

Today, we discussed Swinging London, Richard Lester, and the Beatles movie A Hard Day’s Night. Needless to say, I participated a lot more in the class discussion. The movie was fantastic as always, and I enjoyed learning more about its significance. In world civilization, we talked about the Middle East and Asia, and I learned a great deal. Also, I got an excellent grade on my journal entry, which made me happy.

After classes, Shannon and I headed down to Primark. I returned some clothes and bought a pair of shorts and a skirt. It’s so hot here. I needed them. By the time we were through, it was time for dinner. Shannon and I met Cynthia, Matt, Stephen, and Jim for dinner at a little Italian place. The food was delicious.

Next, Shannon and I headed over to the BBC Broadcasting House to wait for John Finnemore. He’s the writer and one of the actors in Cabin Pressure, and he is adorable. We listened to Cabin Pressure while we waited for his show to finish. At first, we didn’t think we’d gotten the right time. Eventually, however, we did get to see him. He was absolutely precious.

Also, I didn’t embarrass myself talking to him, which should count for something.

Above all else, we discovered that the Northern Line is up and running! No more delays, crowding, or uncomfortable detours! I’m so relieved! You have no idea. Thank God for small blessings, am I right?

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