Day Two: Hampton Court and the Neverending Quest for Shoes

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After a rough night without much sleep, this morning came much too early for my tastes. I got up around 7:30 A.M. and headed out with Shannon to have breakfast at Ramsey. I had a pear, a bowl of Frosties (Frosted Flakes), and a granola bar. I also got a Kit-Kat bar, which I saved for later (candy for breakfast? My kind of country). Once we’d finished eating, we wandered back to the dorms to head out with the group for an optional field trip to Surrey’s Hampton Court, the famous Tudor pleasure palace.


Since I’d just finished reading a book about the Tudors, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the palace. It was much more impressive than I had imagined. Of course, there were more bedrooms than anything else (Henry VIII was known for his numerous wives and mistresses). Each bedroom was unique, luxurious, and overall impressive. Throughout the palace, I noticed intricate details, ornate frescoes, color coordinating, and an appreciation of fine art. It was beautiful.


We finished our tour of the grounds, got some delicious ice cream, and made our way toward the train platform. Upon arriving, however, we realized that we were about to miss the train. I barely got my arm in before the doors slid shut and the train chugged away, separating me and several others from the remainder of our group. We waited for the next train and passed the time by chatting, laughing, and getting to know one another. The train finally arrived, and we made it back to Goodge Street in no time at all.

By this point in the day, my feet were destroyed. Having messed them up on Saturday, they’ve only been getting worse with each extra day of walking. Once I reunited with Shannon and the boys, we took the Tube to Oxford Circus in search of walking shoes for me. Our errands proved fruitless, and I remained convinced that there are no suitable pairs of walking shoes to purchase in the whole of greater London. Maybe we can try tomorrow. I desperately need shoes.

We did, however, have the chance to eat at a local pub called The Jack Horner. I finally got the fish and chips that I’d been dreaming about for months. The food was delicious. We sat down and took our time eating, hanging out, and talking at the pub. The service was just as wonderful as the food. I highly recommend it.

On the way home, we ran by Tesco again and picked up a few items each for the week. I got carrots, grapes, the biggest box of Cheerios I’ve ever seen, dried strawberries, bottled water, and face wipes for  about £10, or $15. Not bad at all. I wish we had a Tesco!

I spent the remainder of the evening cleaning my room, searching for my lost earring (still missing), and preparing everything for tomorrow morning. Classes are starting, which means I’m going to have to buckle down a bit. I have film studies tomorrow from 9:00-11:30AM and world civilizations from 1:00-3:30PM. Is it weird that I’m excited?

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