Editing Services

I’ve been a professional editor for a decade, working with independent authors and small presses. My specialty lies in fiction editing, and my preferred categories are Young Adult and Adult. My favorite genres to work with are science fiction, fantasy (traditional and contemporary), paranormal, horror, contemporary, and thrillers. I do not edit erotica. I specialize in working with indie authors and have indie publishing experience.

Fees are quoted per project based on a rough estimate of how much work the manuscript will require. See below for more specific prices.

You will always be given a firm quote before engaging my services.

Payment plans are available! For projects over $500, payments may be spread over several months. A 15% fee applies.

*Bundle two or more services for a 10% discount.*

PayPal is my preferred payment method, and fees are due at the completion of the project. Contact me for a free sample edit!

Here are some of the books I’ve edited:


“I backed myself into a corner with my first self-published book. I felt I overpromised my Kickstarter backers with a timeline I didn’t think I was going to be able to meet. I contacted Briana for her editing services as a desperate effort to find someone who would be willing to edit my book in a crunch. Not only did she agree to edit the book on short notice, she finished editing even sooner than I could have hoped. She was pleasant to work with, her suggestions helped more than I could have imagined, and I plan on going back to her for her services with all my releases.”

R. H. Swaney

“Briana’s editing service has been invaluable in my writing. She provides insightful, thoughtful analysis and critiques of works, from early-stage developmental editing to copy edits and final tidy-ups. I’ve shared many works with Briana for review and it’s clear that she takes the time to read and reflect on the story, understanding the emotive purpose and message in each. She’s also fast, fun, and great to work with.”

Sarina Langer

“Briana is the first freelance editor I’ve ever hired, and her feedback was everything I could have wanted and more. Her questions and comments helped me to think more deeply about my plot and characters than I had before, while being respectful and encouraging of my personal voice. Her feedback was organized, sensitive, and just what my story needed. I’m very grateful for her support and would gladly work with her again.”

Carly Racklin

What Can I Do for You?

Manuscript Review

If you have a completed manuscript, and you aren’t sure whether to commit to a full edit yet, I will review your manuscript and provide general feedback in the form of an edit letter. For this service, I charge a flat fee of $70, or $85 for manuscripts longer than 100,000 words.


Blurb Polish

Need help streamlining your back-cover copy? I’d be happy to help you refine it in a way that makes your story shine and attracts potential readers. This service is available for $20/blurb, or $15 if I also edited your manuscript. This is the most affordable service you can purchase from me.


Developmental Edit

In a developmental edit, I’ll examine big-picture concerns, such as structure, point of view, pacing, characterization, and more. Since this is the most comprehensive service I offer, it is also the most time-consuming, so please bear that in mind.

Developmental editing is charged at $50 per hour and a typical book takes anywhere from 30 to 40 hours to edit, sometimes more.


Line Edit

Second in scale only to a developmental edit, a line edit addresses the work at a sentence and paragraph level. I determine appropriate word choice, point out repetition, and things of that nature.

Line editing is charges at $45 per hour, and the average novel takes from 10 to 20 hours to edit.



Here, I’m just hitting the basics. With a copyedit/proofread, I’ll make sure your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are up to snuff. This is typically the final step of edits once you’ve polished your manuscript.

Copy editing or proofreading costs $40 per hour, and the average novel takes between 10 and 25 hours to edit.